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The noodle found in the restaurant has been made a ‘religious book’! Sacred mantras engraved on unique dishes

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There are holy books in every religion in which things related to that religion, God and humanity are written. People publish these religious texts in different ways. In today’s time, to make a record, someone writes these texts on the smallest paper in the world and some on the biggest paper, but have you ever seen anyone writing religious texts on food items? Maybe not seen, but in Japan these days a restaurant (Restaurant serve sacred noodles in Japan) is becoming famous in which religious texts are written on the noodle given to eat.

In the city of Ota, Japan, there is a restaurant named Nittanosho Kanzantei where Noodle (Religious text printed on noodles) is becoming famous. According to the report of Oddity Central, Sacred noodles in Japan are served in the restaurant. This noodle is not meant to be eaten but to be taken home as a gift where it can be cooked. The noodle is special because the sacred mantra (Noodles with sacred text photo) has been engraved on it like any religious text.

Sacred mantras of Buddhism are engraved on the noodle
According to the report, the ‘Heart Sutra’ of Buddhism has been engraved on the noodle, which is considered the most sacred mantra in the religion. In many temples associated with Buddhism, the Heart Sutra is written on paper, but in this restaurant, it is engraved on the noodle so that people can read it while eating it. Only food items are used for writing. In this, only charcoal made from bamboo and caramel coloring made from wheat is used. In this case it is not harmful for the body. It is visible even after it is cooked.

Why not serve noodle in restaurant?
Now the question arises that if this is a religious mantra, then why does the restaurant give it only to be taken home and cooked, why not serve it here? This is because the Heart Sutra is written on the concept of emptiness in the human mind. It is recited by the priests at the time of someone’s funeral, in a meeting held in their memory after someone has passed away or while meditating in temples. For this reason, it is considered appropriate to study it in privacy at home. A pack serving three people gets up to Rs 950.

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