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The school asked questions to the mother about the child, the woman gave such answers that praise started on social media

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No one else can know a child as well as his mother understands him. Only the mother understands when the child is in trouble, when to give relief to him and when to be strict with him. For this reason, an American woman is getting a lot of praise these days. Being a mother, she told that she will not let her child be burdened. For this, he also gave a befitting reply to the school administration (mother savage response to school photo viral).

Emily Gould is a novelist and feature writer for New York Magazine. Recently, she shared a picture on her Twitter and told how she gave a befitting reply to the school (woman amazing reply regarding son in school) and also exposed the schools mentality of burdening young children. The age at which children should be able to play sports and be free from worries, at that age the school administration starts setting year’s targets and academic goals for the children. Emily has given a wonderful answer against such attitude.

mother savage reply to school about son

She is being praised by reading the answers of the woman. (Photo: Twitter/@EmilyGould)

Woman wrote answers on school questionnaire
Emily was given a questionnaire (woman reply on school questionnaire) from the school in which there were questions related to her child. Emily has answered these questions very intelligently. The questions and their answers given in the questionnaire are as follows-
1. Socially this year I want my child to work on this thing-
Emily’s answer I don’t want my child to become a ‘mean girl’ in any way.

2. From education point of view this year I want my child to work on this thing-
Emily’s answer Who cares about this, he is only 4 years old.

3. If I had to describe my child in just 3 words, those words would be-
Emily’s answer Bright, self-sufficient, and cool.

4. Want to tell us a little more about your child?
Emily’s answer You will like my baby very much. He is very cute and seeing him many times I feel that it is not that someone had changed him at the time of birth. But then I think that I gave him in the birth house.

Emily’s praise
People are praising him after reading his answers. One said that the child is lucky to have a mother like Emily, and one thing is certain that no one will confront him because his mother is amazing. One said that all these answers are amazing. One said that the woman made her point very honestly.

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