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Three Angioplasties And Dead Brain Cells Became The Cause Of Death Of Raju Srivastava In 10 Year

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Raju Srivastav Death: Raju Srivastava today said goodbye to this world after being hospitalized for about 42 days. Raju was admitted to the hospital on August 10 after suffering a heart attack. At the time when Raju had a heart attack, he was exercising on a treadmill and suddenly had chest pain. Raju’s gym trainer hurriedly got the comedian admitted to the hospital, which took about 20-25 minutes.

Raju was brain dead

Raju Srivastava was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. Raju Srivastava’s angioplasty was done when he was admitted to the hospital. Although it was successful, but in the middle of all this some cells of Raju’s brain were dead. The concern of the doctors was that due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain, there was a lot of damage. In such a situation, he had already told the family that there is no cure for this condition. The doctor can only try to keep the supply of oxygen so that these dead cells may come back to life. However, this did not happen and after about 12 days he was declared brain dead.

The family expected a miracle

Although the doctors had declared Raju brain dead, but gave hope to his family that he might be fine. According to family members, once during these 42 days, the iris of Raju’s eyes twitched and once movement was seen in the finger of his hand. After this the doctors also hoped that maybe a miracle could happen. But alas it could not happen.

angioplasty done three times

Raju Srivastava underwent angioplasty thrice in the last 10 years. Angioplasty was performed for the first time about 10 years ago at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai due to Raju’s heart problem. After this, about 7 years ago, he was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai and his angioplasty was done there too. After that his health was fine. But now after 7 years, once he got a problem and he was done angioplasty. But this time he could not be saved.

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Raju Srivastav Last Write: Comedian to be given tomorrow Raju Srivastava’s last farewell, last rites will be held in Delhi

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