Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Three Gates Of Radhanagari Dam Opened Rain Continues In Kolhapur District

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Radhanagari Dam : Due to the continuous rainfall in Kolhapur district, the discharge from the already filled dams has started. Three automatic gates of Radhanagari dam have been opened due to rains in the last 24 hours. 4 thousand 284 cusecs are being discharged from the three automatic gates, while 1600 cusecs are being released from the power house. Together, 5 thousand 884 cusecs are being discharged from Radhanagari dam into Bhogavati river. Therefore, vigilance has been given to the villages along the river.

The sixth automatic gate of Radhanagari dam opened at 10:55 am. Then two more doors opened. Kolhapur district is experiencing heavy rainfall. Since this morning, the rain has not stopped in the city and the district. Due to this, the water level of the rivers has started to rise.

Rajaram dam under water for the fourth time

Due to the heavy rains in the district including Kolhapur city, the water level of the rivers has started to rise again. The water level of Panchganga has reached 17 feet near Rajaram Dam. Therefore, for the fourth time in the season, water has reached the Rajaram dam. At the same time Rui and Ichalkaranji dam has also gone under water.

Increased water release from Tulsi Dam

On the other hand, the discharge from Tulsi Dam has increased due to the increase in rainfall. The current discharge of 500 cusecs from Tulsi dam has been increased by 300 to 8000 cusecs from 10 am today. Therefore, alert has been given to the people along Tulsi river.

Patgaon, Kumbi Dam 100 percent full

Patgaon and Kumbi dams have filled to capacity due to increased rainfall. Patgaon Dam was filled to its full capacity at around 2.30 pm yesterday, while Kumbi Dam was 100 percent full at around 4 pm.

9 dams in the district are 100 percent full

Tulsi, Kumbi, Patgaon, Chikotra, Chitri, Jangmahatti, Ghataprabha, Jambare and Kode dams in the district are 100 percent full.

Discharge from Almatti Dam begins

Due to the increase in rainfall, water has been released from Almatti Dam which is full to capacity. 52 thousand 500 cusecs is being released from Almaty Dam. Discharge from Hippargi Dam is currently closed. On the other hand, discharge from Koyna Dam is also closed. The discharge in the dam is 2 thousand 469 cusecs. The dam has a water storage of 100.70 TMC.

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