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To extort money from mother, daughter hatched her own kidnapping conspiracy, demanded ransom amount of Rs 40 lakh

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No matter how much a person tells lies to the whole world, he cannot lie to his parents, especially his mother. However, there are some children who keep their parents in the dark of lies to fulfill their selfishness. Recently, a similar case came to the fore in Spain where a woman tried to cheat her own mother. He crossed the limits of lies and hatched a complete conspiracy to be kidnapped in Spain, but the veil of his lie was exposed.

According to the report of the Oddity Central website, a woman has been caught by security agencies in the Spanish city of Tenerife, who cheated on her own mother. Spain’s two National Law Enforcement Agencies, Guardia Civil, released a video a few days ago in which a woman has been kidnapped (Daughter kidnapping obtain ransom from mother) and her abductors are standing with a knife around her neck. In the video, the woman is crying to her mother saying that she should keep the ransom amount of 40 lakh rupees at an unknown location as soon as possible or else her kidnappers will kill her.

Daughter got kidnapped, kidnappers demanded 40 lakhs!
The woman told in the video that she does not know her kidnappers and is demanding Rs 40 lakh. They have also put a bug in the house, so if the mother calls the police, the kidnappers will come to know and kill the daughter. According to the report, the mother agreed to pay the money but she also called the police. He told the police that earlier mails threatening to kill his daughter used to keep coming to him several times. Fearing them, she had given money on different occasions, which would have been up to Rs 37 lakh in total.

Police uncovered the secret of the crime within 24 hours
The police suspected that the woman was being cheated. That’s why he first found out the location of the daughter’s boyfriend from the phone. Along with her location, the location of her family was also found in a game room where the location of the daughter was also showing. Within 24 hours the police reached there and they arrested the boyfriend and his entire family including the daughter. They admitted that they were cheating the woman.

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