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Top 10 Maharashtra Marathi News Smart Bulletin 02 June 2022 Abp Majha

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1. Monsoon to arrive in Konkan in next two-three days, good news from Meteorological Department

The meteorological department has forecast that the monsoon, which arrived in Kerala ahead of time, will reach Konkan in the next two days. ERV on June 7 MaharashtraThe monsoon is expected to arrive in Konkan three or four days earlier this year. Favorable conditions for the next journey of monsoon from Kerala to Karnataka. Therefore, it can reach Goa and South Konkan in two days, the meteorological department said. Anyway, Mumbaikars will have to wait for another week for monsoon. The monsoon is expected to arrive in Mumbai only after June 10, according to the meteorological department.

2. Increase in the number of corona patients in the state, 1 thousand 81 in the state and 739 new corona cases in Mumbai, Mumbai Municipal Corporation is on alert due to increasing number of patients.

3. The result of class XII will be announced next week, the information of school education minister Varsha Gaikwad and the result of class X will be announced in two weeks.

4. The Center claims that Maharashtra has been reimbursed for all the GST, while Ajit Pawar is aware that Rs 14,000 crore is yet to come from the Center.

5. Anjaneri, new controversy over Hanuman’s birthplace after Kishkinda, Mahant Sitaram Ballal’s claim that Hanuman was born in Kugava, Solapur

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6. Controversy erupts in Mahavikas Aghadi over new ward structure of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Congress is preparing to go to court.

7. Former Congress leader Hardik Patel will join BJP at 11 am today, will take the lotus elephant with 15 thousand workers

Hardik is ready to leave the Congress and take over the BJP’s lotus. Before party entry Hardik Patel Has tweeted. Hardik Patel has said that he will work as a small soldier in the national service. Ever since Hardik left the Congress, discussions on his BJP entry had intensified. Now these discussions have come to an end and Hardik Patel will join the BJP with his supporters.

Hardik Patel will enter the party at 12 noon today. Before that, posters and banners of party entry have been put up in Gujarat. Gujarat Assembly elections will be held later this year. The BJP has been in power in the state for more than two decades. Hardik Patel tweeted, “I will start a new chapter from today in the spirit of national interest, state interest, public interest and social interest.” I will be working as a junior soldier in the great work of national service under the leadership of the successful Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

8. Ban on sale of liquor in Ayodhya and Mathura, big decision of Yogi government, licenses of liquor shops in Ayodhya and Mathura will also be revoked

9. The mystery surrounding the death of singer KK has come to an end. According to the autopsy report, KK died of a heart attack.

10. Indiscriminate shooting at a hospital in Oklahoma, USA, 5 killed, including assailant, 233 shooting incidents recorded in the US this year.

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