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VIDEO: The bridge fell as soon as the ribbon was cut during the inauguration, many lives were saved narrowly

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Viral Video: The bridge collapsed just after the inauguration… a week later, the bridge washed away in water… This is a headline that we have seen many times in our country. But such incidents happen not only in India but also abroad. One such video of the African country of Congo is going viral these days. The bridge collapsed as soon as the ribbon was cut during the inauguration. Moreover, the guest who came to cut the lace barely managed to save his life.

According to reports, this small bridge was built to help people cross the river. As an organizer cut the ribbon at a ceremony in Kinshasa’s Mont-Ngaphula district, the bridge collapsed. Both its handrails broke and the middle part slipped in the water.

The woman officer present there was immediately rescued, while the other officer bowed down and fell to his knees before being rescued. Looking at the video, it seems that the bridge broke in two parts from the middle. Social media users have slammed the government for the poor quality of construction of the bridge.

In a similar incident in June, a new bridge in Mexico collapsed. Due to which the mayor and more than 20 people fell into the ditch. The bones of eight people were broken in this incident.

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