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Video: The girl did wonders with the fingers of her hands, it will be possible to understand the curd of the brain

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Clever Trick Viral Video: In the age of internet and social media (Viral Video On Social Media), it cannot be said when and what will become famous. This is just a game of a few seconds of video, seeing which people accept or reject it. Many times people themselves do not know which of their talk will become famous. Recently a video of one such girl is going viral, who is neither dancing nor singing, but is dominating the internet with a mind blowing trick.

You must have seen many magicians showing eye deceit and sleight of hand, who make you so confused while sitting that you believe in such a thing as magic. Similarly, in the video, a girl is showing such tricks with the fingers of her hands that it can turn anyone’s mind. His awesomeness is being well-liked on social media at the moment.

Amazing in the hands of the girl
In the video going viral, a girl is showing amazing with her hands. She has opened both her hands like a camera and she is setting them back and forth in such a way that you get confused seeing which hand of the girl is where. The interesting thing is that you also know that this is a hand trick but still you will find it magical. The girl herself is also enjoying this trick a lot.

Millions of people watched the video
The video of this clever trick being liked by the people has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an account named @TansuYegen. This video, shared on 20 September, has got 1.2 million i.e. more than 12 lakh views within 24 hours, while more than 29 thousand people have liked it. Many people have also commented on the video. One user wrote – You know how it works, yet it feels like magic. Another user wrote – They have to learn this for their children.

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