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Video: The man was coming running for diving, then the scandal happened as soon as he went into the water!

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Funny Viral Video: Internet is such a platform, where different types of things can be seen, heard and read. Sometimes the content of your work is taken, then sometimes something is also found, which can also make your mood worse. One such video is going viral at the moment, which is very funny. As soon as you see the video (Viral Video On Social Media), you will feel sorry for this person’s ability to guess.

There will be people around you who, wherever they are, start shooting videos instead of enjoying the company and place. In this video too, the person is showcasing his water diving talent in a great mood. In the video going viral, it can be seen that a person comes running and then as soon as he jumps inside the water, a different incident happens with him, which will make you laugh.

jumped into the bottom instead of the water
In the video going viral, a man happily comes running from a distance to diving to shoot his video. The man jumps down from the bridge wearing shoes and socks and clothes in a full mood. You must also be thinking that he will go swimming under water, but something different happens. This person jumps on the very edge and is not able to drown completely in the water. This video is giving a lot of fun to people

Millions of people watched the video
This interesting video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named failarmy. So far 1 million i.e. 10 lakh people have seen this video. The video has been seen and liked by millions of people within 4 days and many people have also commented on it. Responding to this video, it has been said that this person’s back must have been broken. Some people have jokingly said that they are saluting them.

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