Kundali Bhagya is one of the leading shows currently. The show starring some of the best actors from the industry has entertained the audience for some years now, and with the stars sharing hilarious sneak peeks and fun videos on social media, fans are getting all hooked on them even more. Now that being said, Shraddha has shared yet another one.

In the video, we could spot Shraddha Arya and Ruhi Chaturvedi in their KB avatars, while they recorded the reel. However, we could see that it was when they weren’t shooting their scenes and wanted to do something fun and entertain their followers.

At first, we can see Ruhi spotting a cute guy on the road and asking Shraddha Arya to look ugly. To this, Shraddha Arya replies that she doesn’t know how to look ugly but then eventually manages to make a distorted face, leaving fans in splits.

Take a look-

Supriya Shukla, one of their co-stars from the show also comments, “you can never look ugly”

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