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Water had accumulated on the road, the person immediately found ‘opportunity in disaster’, started doing such business!

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Transporting People Waterlogged Across Road: There is more than one people in the world. It is said that whoever has a way to earn money, he finds a way to earn money for himself anywhere. Whether the occasion is a disaster or a normal one, such people find a job for themselves. One such person, sharing his experience on Reddit, said that a person turned the problem of waterlogging in the city into a job opportunity for himself.

You must have seen all such situations, where there is no chance of earning, but they take out the opportunity for themselves. For example, even during the pandemic, people earned money through homemade sanitizers and masks. The business mind of man is so strong that he found a job on seeing the road filled with water. Now he is taking money from people instead of crossing the road.

Water collects on the road, then the person has set up business
Sharing his experience on Reddit, a person said that the water had froze due to lack of proper drainage system on the road. Meanwhile, a man with a blue T-shirt brought a wooden car with him. He started taking people from this side of the road to the other side and started collecting money from them in a bottle instead. A video related to this has also been shared by the person and told that he was very busy in this work and was taking money to get people across the road. Due to heavy rain, he got a chance to earn money by hand.

People said – the best businessman is a person
This video was shared on Reddit by a person named BAlfonzo, with the caption – Opportunity to earn money during disaster. People started commenting as soon as they saw this video. Many people praised this man’s business sense. One user wrote – The first rule of business is, find the need and fulfill it. This video got about 55 thousand upvotes on reddit within a day.

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