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What is the population of ants on earth? Scientists told the shocking truth, it would seem impossible to count the number!

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Nature has created many different types of creatures on earth. Nature also maintains a balance between living and dying, so every living being is born and then dies. In this way the population of all the living beings is also balanced. But as the human population is increasing, the life of other organisms is also under threat and their population is decreasing. In today’s time, 7.8 billion i.e. 780 cores of humans live on this earth. But there are many such creatures whose population is thousands of times more than that of humans. These also include ants (population of ants on earth). Scientists have recently done a research from which they have made a shocking claim about the population of ants.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, a research was done at the Julian Maximilians University located in Wurzberg, Germany, which has estimated the population of ants. Speaking to the website, Sabine Nooten, the lead researcher of the scientists associated with this research, said – “According to our estimates, there are 20 quadrillion ants on this earth. It is impossible to count so many ants.”

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That’s the number of ants!
Now we will think that what is this number and how will we read it. Let us tell you that 20 quadrillion i.e. more than 20 thousand trillion. Look at the number as 20 plus 15 zeros (20,000,000,000,000,000). This number is so high that it is almost impossible to read or count it. Scientists said that it is very important to know about the distribution and abundance of organisms because only then humans will be able to know how important their role is in the ecosystem.

Claim made on the basis of old research on ants
Scientists said that such research has not been done on insects, especially ants, to know how much their population is. For a long time, ants are considered to be the creatures on which this world is running. The data given by the team in its research is based on about 489 research works done earlier on ants.

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