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ZP Teacher Training Sugarcane Workers Students To Make Bhakri In Jath Tehsil Of Sangli District

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Sangli News : Bread-making practice was organized at the Zilla Parishad School of Kulalawadi in Jat taluka through a competition so that the children of Ustod laborers could also prepare bread. This stopped migration of children with their parents during sugarcane breaks and also reduced school dropouts. This school of Zilla Parishad organized unique bread making competitions with the intention that children should know cooking skills along with book knowledge. More than 80 children participated in this competition.

Children also migrate as there is no one to feed them at home

Kulalwadi village of 1 thousand 594 population located on the border of Sangli district. Jat is a drought prone taluka and 90 percent of the families in this taluka are Kulalwadi village are sugarcane workers. Most of the villagers migrate for Ustodi on the occasion of Dussehra. Because of this, children are also at odds with the clan. Due to this, the number in the school was falling. When Bhaktaraj Garje, a teacher in the Zilla Parishad of the village, inquired about the reason behind this, the reason came to light that since parents had gone to Ustodi, there was no one to eat at home, and children were also migrating, so the school was being attacked.

“My bread” initiative towards self-reliance

They do not return to their village from Dussehra till the end of the factory season. As the facility of hostel is not available for these children, so that the food of the children should not be scarce, forms of beating the school came to light. They realized that if meals are provided for children, school dropouts can be stopped. Recognizing this very fact, Bhaktaraj Garje sir, a teacher in the Zilla Parishad of Kulalawadi, started the “Mazi Bhakri” initiative to address the problem of children’s stomachs and make them self-reliant in terms of cooking.

For this, children were encouraged to make bread. A bread making competition is held in the school itself for children from 3rd to 8th grade. This competition is organized every year before Independence Day and Republic Day and prizes are given to the winners. Many children in the school were encouraged to make bread, so that many children now make good varieties of bread themselves. Not only this, other cooking is also now coming to these children.

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